12/13/14 - 1/24/15


Los Angeles gallery MAMA announces its inaugural exhibition ERECTION, a group show featuring 15 Los Angeles-based artists. DEVENDRA BANHART, MATTIA BIAGI, AMANDA CHARCHIAN, ETHAN DELORENZO, MEGAN GECKLER, JAMES GEORGOPOULOS, MORGAN GILLIO, JEM GOULDING, JOE MCKEE, ALIA PENNER, LUCKEY REMINGTON, RICHARD DAVID SIGMUND, COLE STERNBERG, ZACH TAYLOR AND LOLA ROSE THOMPSON use sound, vision, and site-specific renderings that bend and manipulate space to create a futuristic, metaphysical and mind-melding smorgasbord that will leave the viewer on a high wire balancing act between realism and make-believe.

Works on view include Devendra Banhart hiding drawings and paintings throughout the gallery space, a living grass installation with a petrified black tar flower arrangements by Mattia Biagi, a photographic cave installation by Amanda Charchian, flag tape that transforms the gallery windows by Megan Geckler, a video installation in a suspended truck cab by James Georgopoulos, a light installation that will create a beautiful prism by Jem Goulding, a sound installation that captures the artists executing and erecting installations by Joe Mckee & Ethan Delorenzo, a psychedelic balloon installation by Alia Penner, a color theory installation that mimics the color of the sky by Luckey Remington, a prayer monument with reflecting architecture on the surface of the gallery walls by Richard David Sigmund, two-sided paintings elevated at 45 degree angles in 90 degree corners of the walls by Cole Sternberg, a layered paint installation with construction bricks by Zach Taylor and a phantasmagorical flower installation by Lola Rose Thompson.

MAMA gallery was created from the remnants of an old industrial building in the arts district of Downtown Los Angeles – it was originally built around a family ranch home that was constructed in the early part of the 20th century. ERECTION celebrates the erection of the 4,000 square foot gallery space – the passion, the excitement, the exhilaration – and the setting of a precedent for the artists and creators that MAMA will choose to represent and support. This collective showcase will mark the rocket launch of MAMA in Los Angeles.

James Georgopoulos  Vacation, 2014  
1968 Ford F250 Custom Cab Camper Special, concrete, florescent tubing, transmission fluid, cold galvanizing compound with 9 minute 18 second video
80 x 75 x 69 inches

Alia Penner  Venus Rising, 2014  Balloons and plaster  various dimensions

Jem Goulding  White Rainbow, 2014  Prism, Source 4 light source on canvas  36 x 24 inches

Cole Sternberg  this can be used for floors or ceilings, but it’s all georgia pacific anyways, 2014  mixed media on wood panels  8 x 24 feet

Mattia Biagi
Contemplation 1, 2014  Acrylic flowers, resin, spray paint tar and tree  38 x 59 x 30 inches
Contemplation 2, 2014  Acrylic flowers, resin, spray paint tar and tree  60 x 52 x 16 inches
Contemplation 3, 2014  Acrylic flowers, resin, spray paint tar and tree  51 x 60 x 63 inches

Luckey Remington  Extrapolation of a Curve, 2014  Various dimensions

Megan Geckler  Chop Down Your Master Plan to Nanoseconds, 2014  Flagging tap and pedestal  127 x 24 x 108 inches

Zach Taylor  Brick Molds and Notes, 2014  Acrylic paint, wood and ink  Various dimensions

Richard David Sigmund  Offerings, 2014  Wood and silk  108 x 50 x 50 inches

Morgan Gillio, California Highs, 2014  Palm fronds, neon, cotton and wood  Various dimensions

Devendra Banhart  Round Monument / Midnight Monument, 2014  Pencil on wood panels  7 x 5 inches and 10 x 8 inches

Devendra Banhart  A Dream of No Substance, 2014  Oil on canvas  24 x 20 inches